The Shengrui Automatic Transmissionis located at No. 518 Shengrui Street, Weifang (National) High-tech Zone.

The world's first self-developed front-drive 8-speed automatic transmission (8AT) has filled the domestic gap, and has been put on the market in batches, forming an annual production capacity of 600,000 units and won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2016. 8ATs has been upgraded to more efficient, smoother, more reliable, quieter, platformized, modular of three generationsproducts. Had been matched with 18 models of FAW, BAIC, Chery and other nine vehicle companies with the series products like front-front 8AT, hybrid 8HT, efficient compact 8AT, vertical rear-drive 8AT, vertical hybrid 8HT and other series of product platforms. Among them, 15 models have been sold on the market, with a market holding of 300,000 units and a trouble-free mileage is up to 500,000 kilometers on the market.

It has an annual output of 250,000 intelligent, flexible and efficient automatic production lines, an annual output of 300,000 intelligent hybrid automatic transmission production lines in line with "industry 4.0" and "China smart manufacturing 2025", and an intelligent manufacturing workshop of 8AT key parts.The 250,000 production lines are equipped with advanced technical capabilities such as material monitoring, active error prevention and quality traceability, and 100% of the products are tested offline.Three hundred thousand production lines have the characteristics of 8AT and 8HT hybrid production, multi-variety and multi-structure, and the automation rate is as high as 72% to meet the needs of customers.The intelligent manufacturing workshop of 8AT key parts adopts international advanced high-precision equipment, and widely uses truss robot and joint manipulator, with an automation rate of up to 75%.

Shengrui has passed IATF16949 quality system certification and software CMMI-3 certification, and introduced and implemented Volkswagen VDA quality management system, ISO14001 environmen