Starry Night Crosstalk Partyfor Celebrating the 17th Anniversary of Shengrui Transmission

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At 19 o'clock on January 16th, the Starry Night Crosstalk Party for celebrating the 17th anniversary of Shengrui Transmission was grandly held at the Weifang Grand Theater. Chairman Liu Xiangwu, specially invited guests and more than 1,300 employees attended the party.

Wang Dongbing, Party Secretary of Shengrui, read the commendation decision

Chairman Liu Xiangwuawarded for advanced collectives and individuals of 2019

Chairman Liu Xiangwu said in his speech that Shengrui will be full of vitality and hope in the next five years. We need to map out the future development blueprint, form the scale of production capacity, and finally double the employees' salaries. The comprehensive sales revenue of the company will reach 10 billion yuan, and it will truly become an international first-class company.

Comrades, let us unite, innovate together, and share the value created by the enterprisefor our dreams. A generation has to do the things what they should do, and our responsibility is strong! Jobs without value do not haveits existing meaning, and people who do not create value are not needed by the company. I hope that every employee can be a valuable person in his own position and become the owner of the company. This is our responsibility passed by history !!

Company leaders payed New Year tostaffs


Li Jing and others actors leaded the special performance of Starry Night Crosstalk Party